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How an Employer-Employee Identity Discrepancy May be Exhausting Your People and Bleeding Your Profits

Key Points: Studies indicate that employees identify with organizations when there is an alignment in values, feelings of support, and they feel trust in the organization’s leaders to make the right decisions. The evidence suggests that organizational identification is malleable and can change with changes in the values of the organization or with changes in
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What Can You Do to Encourage Discussions About Accommodating Employee Disabilities?

Key Points: People with disabilities face barriers in employment, and accommodations such as accessibility facilities, flexible policies, and modified equipment are crucial for their work experience and quality of life. Many Canadian companies lack clear accommodation practices, resulting in less than 20% of people with disabilities using accommodations despite their right to be accommodated. The
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Does Diversity Training Work? Time for an Evidence-Based Answer

There’s one place where cooperation between people is necessary: the workplace. With so many instances of division, leaders must take responsibility for giving people opportunities to collaborate and, thus, foster inclusion in the workplace. Can diversity training help leaders build a more inclusive workplace? What can we do to increase the chances for diversity training to work?
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