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Learn about the real causes of employee turnover!

Job Insecurity: Why It Matters and Is It All Inside Your Head?

Key Points: Job insecurity is significantly related to a staggering 51 unique negative work and individual outcomes. Cognitive job insecurity – thoughts tied to job insecurity – and affective job insecurity – feelings tied to job insecurity – are found to be related but different concepts. Feelings related to job insecurity seem to be more
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Enhancing the Online Applicant Experience: Shaping Perceptions and Behavior in Online Recruitment

Key Points: Applicant experience seems to be linked to how applicants perceive the organization or whether they finish their application or not. Applicant experience’s correlation with perception and behavior do not seem to vary based on gender and sex. There are no differences between males and females and various age groups. Nowadays, many companies use
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What Can You Do to Encourage Discussions About Accommodating Employee Disabilities?

Key Points: People with disabilities face barriers in employment, and accommodations such as accessibility facilities, flexible policies, and modified equipment are crucial for their work experience and quality of life. Many Canadian companies lack clear accommodation practices, resulting in less than 20% of people with disabilities using accommodations despite their right to be accommodated. The
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Employee Commitment: Does the evidence support this popular concept?

Anecdotes aside, is affective commitment as good as many think it is?

Key Points Studies show that employees’ emotional attachment to an employer has a positive impact on their attitudes and actions. Employees who view their organization’s culture highly are more likely to be committed to their employing organization. Organizations should focus on providing defined roles and job clarity, social support and autonomy to employees to increase
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