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Recruiting and Selection

Personality and Workplace Deviance: Big Five Versus HEXACO

Key Points: Scientists have been studying personality at work for a century and they’ve created some fantastic measures of personality like the Big Five and the HEXACO. A recent meta-analysis examined which assessment was better at predicting deviant work behaviour, the newer HEXACO model or the much more established Big Five model. They found that
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How to Reduce Gender Bias in Your Hiring Process

According to Fortune 500, the annual list of 500 United States companies with the highest revenue, the 2017 ranking includes only 32 female CEOs. And that’s just one of many examples of a gender gap in the workplace. What’s more, a substantial proportion of the fast-growing and promising future jobs, like web developer or mathematician, are occupied mostly by men (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). Should women be concerned about their position in the labour market?
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