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Recruiting and Selection

Finding The Right Match Can Be Tricky: The Effectiveness of Various Candidate Selection Methods May Shock You!

Key Points: Selection tools are quite different in their ability to predict performance than previously thought. Some less, some more. Overall (rather than contextualized) personality measures and years of job experience, are not meaningful predictors of performance. Structured Interviews, Job Knowledge, Biodata, Work Samples, Cognitive Ability and Integrity Tests are useful assessment methods and criteria.
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Enhancing the Online Applicant Experience: Shaping Perceptions and Behavior in Online Recruitment

Key Points: Applicant experience seems to be linked to how applicants perceive the organization or whether they finish their application or not. Applicant experience’s correlation with perception and behavior do not seem to vary based on gender and sex. There are no differences between males and females and various age groups. Nowadays, many companies use
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Myth-Busting: How Believing Smart People to be Socially Stunted Could be Costing You and Your Business

Key Points: The belief that highly intelligent people lack social skills is a common stereotype, but recent research suggests it is more likely a myth than an informative stereotype. Findings suggest that smarter people tend to be better at accurately interpreting and responding to the social and emotional cues of others. By using objective data,
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What Can You Do to Encourage Discussions About Accommodating Employee Disabilities?

Key Points: People with disabilities face barriers in employment, and accommodations such as accessibility facilities, flexible policies, and modified equipment are crucial for their work experience and quality of life. Many Canadian companies lack clear accommodation practices, resulting in less than 20% of people with disabilities using accommodations despite their right to be accommodated. The
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