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Job Satisfaction and Job Performance: Do They Have a Causal Relationship?

Key Points: Work attitudes do seem to have a small causal impact on job satisfaction. Job satisfaction does not seem to cause an improvement in work attitudes. The impact of attitudes fades over time. Everyone on Earth has probably experienced just how much our attitudes can impact our work. Many of us have elucidating moments
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It’s All Fun and Games Until You’ve Created a Hostile Work Environment: How Workplace Bullying is Linked to Mental Health

Key Points: Workplace bullying has been linked to negative outcomes of health and mental illness. Although depression, anxiety, stress, and burnout were all associated with being bullied. Symptoms of depression were most consistently. Anxiety and stress fall into two categories: Generalized anxiety and PTSD, which had stronger relationships with workplace bullying. Similarly, burnout symptoms were
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Better engagement means better performance – or does it?

Key points The concept of employee engagement that is popular in today’s organizations lacks a clear definition and solid evidence to support its links with employees’ performance Engagement surveys very often measure job satisfaction and organizational commitment, but these two variables are only weakly linked to employees’ performance Interventions to increase job satisfaction and organizational
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