ScienceForWork is an independent, non-profit foundation of evidence-based practitioners who want to #MakeWorkBetter.

The future calls for managerial decisions that require both critical thinking and the use of the best available evidence. Too often professional experience and stakeholder interests are the only information guiding the way managers decide. Sometimes they also look at some organizational data, while only rarely they consider scientific evidence.

We know why this happens.

High quality information published in peer reviewed journals is hard to find and to read, and too often doesn’t provide quick tips for your practice. However, if the best scientists in the world studied the problem you are trying to fix before you, wouldn’t you like to know what they discovered?

There is a lot of valuable information out there, and you are missing out!


Here ScienceForWork enters the game.

SFW mission 2

We identify and select the evidence we consider most relevant. We critically evaluate its trustworthiness – to give you only the highest quality information – and then we summarize findings and implications for your practice in a 5-minutes reading.

Why do we do this, you ask?

Check out this video and you will understand

We like the challenge, we strive for mastery and we want to make a contribution.

We do this for you, and we do it for free.