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Team Building: How to Get Real Results from Team Building Activities

Key points Team building interventions have three essential characteristics which clarify the confusion around the term and help differentiate it from other interventions aimed at teams; Team building interventions improve team members’ feelings and team interactions, but don’t have a considerable effect on team performance; Effective team building activities are not only fun, but must
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An Evidence-Based Take on Understanding Workplace Behaviors: Interview with John Ballard, PhD, Author of Decoding the Workplace

John Ballard is emeritus professor of management at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2016 the university presented him its Distinguished Scholar Award for his efforts to bridge the management scholar-practitioner gap through his blogs, tweets, and his award-winning book. He is co-author of the much-acclaimed “Who Built Maslow’s Pyramid? A History of
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What we do (and don’t) know about the factors linked to workplace coaching success

Key points Coach-client trust, coaching motivation, and client self-efficacy are most consistently linked with workplace coaching success in current empirical research on coaching. The influence of feedback, coach-client similarity, and supervisor support is less clear. In addition to external research, people designing workplace coaching programs may want to look to organizational sources of evidence to
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