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Mental Health is your business: Workplace Interventions that do good, and those that do harm

Key points To promote mental health, give employees more control over the scheduling of their own work and introduce programs to facilitate a healthy lifestyle, for example enabling employees to engage in physical activity Screen employees when appropriate; recommend and support Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and other effective interventions for those diagnosed with a mental health disorder
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Mental health is your business: The toxic job characteristics that risk our well-being

It is estimated that more than 3 in 10 employees will experience a mental health problem each year, with a staggering 80 million working days lost to anxiety and depression. These disorders are common yet devastating, and can make work a constant battle for employees. With such a widespread impact on employees across workplaces, identifying and addressing these risk factors is vital. What impact might they be having in your workplace?
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Showing up for work, but nothing more: presenteeism, the ignored counterpart of absenteeism

As a manager, for sure you’ve come across the problem of absenteeism amongst your employees: people sometimes don’t show up for scheduled work. However, it’s not a black–or–white situation: being away from work or being engaged in fully productive work at the office are not the only two possibilities. One shade of grey is presenteeism: showing up for work while not fully healthy.
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