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Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.

Unlocking Innovation: The Key Team Dynamics for Success

Key Points: Goal interdependence (when individuals depend on each other for their goals), job-relevant diversity (difference among team members concerning job- or task-related characteristics), and team size are all team-level input variables that relate to innovation with goal interdependence having the strongest relationship among them. Internal communication, vision, support for innovation, and task orientation are
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How to be a “cozy” organization: which socialization tactics to use, why and for whom

“Should I stay or should I go?” Besides being a title of a glorious song by “The Clash” this is also a question that newcomers usually make when they have their first experiences in a new organization. And what can an organization do so that the answer will be positive? Here we present a summary of the most effective tactics of organizational socialization, to help newcomers’ adjust and improve their intent to stay.
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Death-spiraling within organizations: how tit-for-tat negative behavior perpetuates itself and how to end it

Key Points: Individual-specific characteristics, such as an employee’s personality traits and workplace attitudes, are not the only factors that influence whether they choose to engage in negative behaviors in the workplace. Often, negative workplace behavior is part of a behavioral exchange between individuals in which the negative behavior from one individual, Party A, is negatively
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Is Cracking-Wise Wise? What Evidence Suggests About Humor Use in the Workplace

Key Points: Not all forms of humor are the same and different forms of humour can have different outcomes. Successful uses of humor (the sort that results in other people appreciating or finding funny) should be differentiated from unsuccessful humor use (jokes that don’t land well or that fail to deliver the intended humorous effect
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