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Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.

How an Employer-Employee Identity Discrepancy May be Exhausting Your People and Bleeding Your Profits

Key Points: Studies indicate that employees identify with organizations when there is an alignment in values, feelings of support, and they feel trust in the organization’s leaders to make the right decisions. The evidence suggests that organizational identification is malleable and can change with changes in the values of the organization or with changes in
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It’s All Fun and Games Until You’ve Created a Hostile Work Environment: How Workplace Bullying is Linked to Mental Health

Key Points: Workplace bullying has been linked to negative outcomes of health and mental illness. Although depression, anxiety, stress, and burnout were all associated with being bullied. Symptoms of depression were most consistently. Anxiety and stress fall into two categories: Generalized anxiety and PTSD, which had stronger relationships with workplace bullying. Similarly, burnout symptoms were
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“Working together”: Does it really matter for Team Performance?

Key Points: Team collaboration is not fixed; embedding it is a great target for organizational improvement. Teams can be designed for collaboration. Focus on building collaboration into tasks and outcomes the team is pursuing. Team collaboration can impact how we think, act, and feel about our teammates. In turn, it improves performance. This Evidence-Based Summary has
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Team Building: How to Get Real Results from Team Building Activities

Key points Team building interventions have three essential characteristics which clarify the confusion around the term and help differentiate it from other interventions aimed at teams; Team building interventions improve team members’ feelings and team interactions, but don’t have a considerable effect on team performance; Effective team building activities are not only fun, but must
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