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How to be a “cozy” organization: which socialization tactics to use, why and for whom

“Should I stay or should I go?” Besides being a title of a glorious song by “The Clash” this is also a question that newcomers usually make when they have their first experiences in a new organization. And what can an organization do so that the answer will be positive? Here we present a summary of the most effective tactics of organizational socialization, to help newcomers’ adjust and improve their intent to stay.
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When the master learns from the pupil: career benefits associated with mentoring functions for mentors

In recent years the literature has demonstrate a widespread interest in formal mentoring programs by a wide range of organizations like educational institutions, non-profit and professional associations. But the recruitment of motivated mentors is still a substantial challenge for Human Resource Development (HRD) due to the constant efforts and psychological commitment that this role requires. Ghosh and Reio Jr. (2013) conducted a meta-analysis by comparing 13 published studies, 4 dissertations and 1 unpublished study with the purpose of provide a summary of the association between mentoring activity and mentor subjective benefits. The information that they collected can help HRD to better communicate the positive outcomes of mentoring as a career development tool, not only for protégés, but also for the mentors as well.
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