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Unlocking Innovation: The Key Team Dynamics for Success

Key Points: Goal interdependence (when individuals depend on each other for their goals), job-relevant diversity (difference among team members concerning job- or task-related characteristics), and team size are all team-level input variables that relate to innovation with goal interdependence having the strongest relationship among them. Internal communication, vision, support for innovation, and task orientation are
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How High Job Demands Can Actually Lower Your Stress

“How can I be less stressed at work?” Almost all employees at one time or another have asked this burning question, but not many have found the magic bullet to solve it. One potential answer may lie in Robert Karasek’s job demands-control model (JD-CM), which was developed to explain how different levels of job demands and control could influence strain, job satisfaction, and learning in the workplace. In order to fully understand this model, it is important to see that strain is the result of an imbalance between job demands and control within an organization.
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