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Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.

The benefits of getting involved: top management and new product development projects

From service sector companies to the IT giants on everyone’s lips, everybody relies on developing new products, in order to survive on the market and raise to the top. The challenge can be anything: coming up with a new flavour for a soft drink, or creating a sharing service. So what does the success of new product development depend on? Is it all about the creativity and skills of the engineers, just luck, or can you as a manager do something concrete about it?
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How Virtual Teams Thrive

With teams spread across the globe, work appears to be moving in this general direction, yet work in virtual teams poses different challenges. How do the dynamics of virtual teams differ from those in person? And how can your virtual team develop the right rhythm to work successfully?
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A Recipe for Innovation: A Proven Oxymoron

It may seem as though having a researched, data-driven recipe for creating innovation in the workplace is an oxymoron of sorts. Is there such a way of utilizing quantitative research to enhance such an abstract and free-flowing idea as innovation? A meta-analysis done by Hülsheger, Anderson, and Salgado (2009) showed that there were numerous studies that supported a logical set of methods that managers could use to foster innovation in the workplace.
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