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Better engagement means better performance – or does it?

Key points The concept of employee engagement that is popular in today’s organizations lacks a clear definition and solid evidence to support its links with employees’ performance Engagement surveys very often measure job satisfaction and organizational commitment, but these two variables are only weakly linked to employees’ performance Interventions to increase job satisfaction and organizational
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What we do (and don’t) know about the factors linked to workplace coaching success

Key points Coach-client trust, coaching motivation, and client self-efficacy are most consistently linked with workplace coaching success in current empirical research on coaching. The influence of feedback, coach-client similarity, and supervisor support is less clear. In addition to external research, people designing workplace coaching programs may want to look to organizational sources of evidence to
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Why you should consider fairness when designing your change management process

Key Points There may be no single recipe for getting fairness “right” during an organizational change. However, research on fairness offers some compelling ideas to consider. You can integrate fairness into your change approach in various ways — the results or outcomes, the process you use to make decisions, how people are treated, and the
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