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An Evidence-Based Take on Understanding Workplace Behaviors: Interview with John Ballard, PhD, Author of Decoding the Workplace

John Ballard is emeritus professor of management at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2016 the university presented him its Distinguished Scholar Award for his efforts to bridge the management scholar-practitioner gap through his blogs, tweets, and his award-winning book. He is co-author of the much-acclaimed “Who Built Maslow’s Pyramid? A History of
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Managers… How Much Justice Is Enough?

In 2013, Colquitt et al. published a colossal meta-analysis pooling results from 413 scientific studies which investigated to what extent employee perceptions of justice in managerial behavior are associated with higher employee performance. The type of research studies included allows us to conclude if there is a positive relationship between perceptions of justice and performance.
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