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How Virtual Teams Thrive

With teams spread across the globe, work appears to be moving in this general direction, yet work in virtual teams poses different challenges. How do the dynamics of virtual teams differ from those in person? And how can your virtual team develop the right rhythm to work successfully?
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What’s your Team EQ?  The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Great Teams

We’ve all been on that team—the one where you keep your head down, do your work, and refrain from asking questions. Hopefully, we’ve also been on that other team, too: discussion flows, questioning is productive (even though it might be uncomfortable), and issues arise and get solved in a way that recognizes voices and contributions. Without question, the second team is the one everyone wants to be on. If you’re a manager, it’s likely the team you count on to bring you the best solutions. So why do some teams trudge through a task and die while others become cradles for innovation and efficiency?
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